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Bringing ideas together in Korea

Korea is a leading customer for Saab’s advanced systems and one where Saab has transferred technology to its partners in Korean industry and created local employment. This established position in the Korean market is a stepping-stone to further expansion and cooperation.

Saab has had a strong presence in the Republic of Korea for 20 years that began with the supply of Arthur weapons locating radars that now play a vital role in the defence and protection of Korea’s people. To support the Arthur programme Saab established a unique performance-based logistics capability in Korea that ensures reliable and cost-effective operations for these essential systems 24-hours a day.

Saab has worked closely with Korea’s government agencies and national industry to provide other products and solutions such as naval combat systems, missile systems and advanced radar technology. As part of this relationship Saab has supported the export of materiel from Korea, mostly notably in the naval vessel market.

The Republic of Korea is an important operator of Saab’s air and marine traffic management systems with equipment provided to the armed forces and to civilian users.

Saab respects Korea’s need to invest in local industry and independent national capabilities. Saab can support these ambitions through in-depth transfer of technology and industrial co-operation in the key areas identified in Korea’s long-term strategic plans.


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“Saab is a local company in Korea with a well-established presence that supports skilled Korean jobs and ensures that key systems and technology are always operational and available. We are very keen to increase that presence."
Henrik Lönn, Managing Director, Saab Korea

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Henrik Lönn

Managing Director, Saab Korea